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DataOn is the leading provider of HR, ERP, and Accounting technology solutions trusted since 1999.

We believe a comprehensive system gives people fast and increase the effectiveness to achieving the organizational goals.

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    Welcome to DataOn

    DataOn is the leading provider of HR, ERP, and Accounting technology solutions in Indonesia. The SunFish product line is used by thousands of companies in Indonesia and Asia Pacific. SunFish is available as a SaaS cloud solution, or as on-premise licensed solution. It is comprehensive, customisable and typically competes with the top tier international business software providers.

    Solution for your business

    HR Management

    SunFish HR integrates comprehensive employee data in our award winning web application based on solid, audited security and flexible workflows.

    Time & Benefits

    Automate scheduling, attendance tracking and benefits processing for high efficiency and accuracy.

    Talent Management

    Align employee KPI’s, competency with better communication and ensure ongoing development with training, e-learning, career planning and behind recruitment

    Financial Accounting

    SunFish HR integrates coEasily track and report financials while providing insight for data driven decision making. Automate sales and procurement to reduce lead time and inventory levels.

    Enterprise Resouce Planning

    SunFish HR integrates comprehensive employee Manage production processes, control inventory and costs. Increase the speed of workflows to support continuous improvement.


    SunFish HR integrates comprehensive employee An engaging mobile experience for employees’ HR interactions improves communication and adoption of self service functions thus driving engagement, productivity and innovation.

    Calculate your personal and company tax easier now!

    Drive Performance

    SunFish supports the clear communication of targets and provision of frequent feedback efficiently to allow employees to demonstrate excellence.

    Engage Employee

    SunFish provides the technology that allows companies to communicate better with employees while providing transparency and the tools they need to develop their careers.

    GreatDay HR

    GreatDay HR allows employees to complete tasks where ever they are, manage their benefits in new and exciting ways, and stay in constant communication with their co-workers.

    Our Clients


    DataOn is trusted by over 1000 great companies – some smaller, some large, some operating locally, some internationally. Serving these companies has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and experience that we put into the continued improvement of our SunFish platform to address various industry and client specific requirements. We are committed to providing the best software-based solutions to our customers that have the greatest impact on their unique organization.

    St. Regis Bali

    Kemaryani Anom
    Human Resource Manager

    We were really convinced of this software after the presentation. Moreover, there are plenty of big and good companies who are satisfied with this software. So after 2 months of due diligence, we decided to use this software as it is the best available in the market. Sunfish is a good software that has greatly assisted us in managing our employee database and payroll processes.

    Bvlgari Hotel Resort Bali

    Yetty Khun
    Human Resource Directory

    SunFish is really user friendly. It’s easy and fast. When I need some data or documents, I am just a few mouse clicks away. SunFish does the job and everything is finished. And so far, we don’t have any problem with it. Also, it’s environmentally friendly. We are on our way to becoming a paper-free office. It is important we are green and we are saving lots of paper by using SunFish.

    PT Komatsu Indonesia

    Agustinus Setiawan
    Manager Personel & GA Section

    In 2005, we stopped maintaining that system and started looking for an off-the-shelf system to suit both current and future needs. After looking at several products we defined a shortlist of three, including SunFish.

    PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk

    Rio Mangasa Pintor
    Application Developer

    Usually it takes 2 weeks to send monthly pay slip to a remote mining sites, but after using SunFish HR HR the employee may check their pay slip in real time through the system.

    PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk

    Hendro Buwono
    HR Information Manager

    The benefits that we gain from using SunFish is the integrated system, faster payroll process, flexible configuration options, user friendliness and paperless


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