Accounting and Finance

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Accounting and Finance

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In Hollywood superstars are easy to locate. They save the company from impending doom then strike a pose with a starlet draped around the hero’s arm for the management to nod in approval. In the corporate world, only complete information from numerous suits of HRM performance analysis tools available for SunFish HR can provide crystal clear view of your current and future superstars.




The complete flexibility of SunFish HR means seamlessly building your company’s IT capabilities one baby step at a time (or giant steps if required) without limiting future growth potential. The SaaS model provides the right solution for today’s million-dollar company or tomorrow’s billion-dollar company without the pain of the reimplementation cycle.




In today’s ever changing business environment, growth is hard to predict and often it is not linear. New offices open in far away countries and old offices close down in the old downtown. We have good news. SunFish HR is location agnostic. This means if you can imagine the change, we can help you flourish, there, anywhere.


Proven Technology


When you read a prospectus of a financial product offered by investment banks you find the disclaimer front and center: past performance doesn’t always indicate future performance. However, inevitably these prospectuses always point to their past performances. Why? Because, success breeds success. DataOn is the most successful HRM company, period. Hundreds of happy customers cannot be all wrong.

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