Asset Management

Whether its buildings, machinery, vehicles, computer hardware/ software, electronics or office equipment; fixed assets are an important part of your business value and you are accountable for the status and value of your company’s assets to tax agencies, auditors, and executives. The management of fixed assets is more than just depreciation; it is about accurately tracking them through the different stages of their respective lifecycles and following government regulations in order to avoid tax over payments or, worse, penalties for non-compliance.

The Assets Management in SunFish ERP Module simplifies the entire asset life cycle: from the maintenance of asset categories, asset purchase through transactions such as transfer, depreciation, revaluation to write off and disposal. The interface to the General Ledger (GL) module ensures that all events effecting the financial recognition of an asset are recorded for its entire lifecycle and automatically posted to the ledger and update respective GL account codes in order to maintain accurate financial data.

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