Bridgestone Tire Indonesia

SunFish user since 2015


Bridgestone Tire Indonesia has more  than 140.000  Employees across 283 outlets and growing. More than 4600 employees are using SunFish HR.


Bridgestone founded by Shojiro Ishibashi in 1931. in 1975, the first production in Indonesia held in Bekasi to produce truck and bus tire. Bridgestone Tire Indonesia has Implemented SunFish HR since September 2015 until present with SunFish HR SaaS 6 version..


Currently using SunFish HR Base, Payroll, Status management, advanced framework, tax, scheduling, basic attendance, advanced organization, application development, development kit, appraisals, basic organization, basic employee, SunFish framework, and basic payroll. Currently hosted by DataOn in Indonesia.

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