Morula IVF

SunFish user since 2018


Morula IVF located in 7 big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Padang, Surabaya, BandMakassar. 132 of their employees are using SunFish HR.ung, Pontianak.


Morula IVF Indonesia is part of Bundamedik Healthcare System which focuses on the development of the fertility clinic “Morula IVF” in Indonesia. In Bundamedik development Healthcare System, in 1997 founded the Fertility Clinic Morula (KFM), which has been renamed Morula IVF Jakarta.They has implemented SunFish SaaS 6 version SaaS with professional package  from June 2018.


They are using HR Base, Payroll, status management, basic payroll, advanced framework, scheduling, basic attendance, advanced organization, application development,  basic organization, , loans, development kit,  SunFish Framework, appraisals, Indonesia tax, claims, basic employees. Currently hosted in DataOn Indonesia.

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