PT Sinde Budi Sentosa

SunFish user since 2013


PT Sinde Budi Sentosa has rolled out 12 products for both internal and external remedies, classified under 9 product categories. PT Sinde Budi Sentosa has grown from a humble pharmaceutical company with a small factory in Bekasi in West Java, into a respectable global player with established operation and distribution networks in home country Indonesia, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea and the Middle East.


PT. Sinde Sentosa (Sinde) was established on August 1978. Sinde has implemented SunFish HR 5.5. version from September 2013.


Currently using HR Base, Payroll, Tax & Compliance, Scheduling & Attendance, and Leave, and other status management.

Currently hosted by DataOn in Indonesia.

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