Building a Supportive Workplace with DataOn- Humanica’s NEW Helpdesk Feature

In today’s fast-paced workplaces, maximizing productivity and the employee experience are top priorities for leaders and HR professionals, but a hidden cost is often overlooked: the significant time employees waste in seeking answers to everyday office questions, spanning tax implications, maintenance issues, technical glitches, and more. Navigating company policies, regulations and pinpointing the right sources can be even more daunting for new hires. Unfortunately, the scenario of employees chasing down answers through emails, calls, and hallway consultations is all too common in many workplaces, creating roadblocks to productivity and fostering frustration. 

Now, imagine an office where finding information and getting help within your company feels as effortless as using a ride-hailing app. The Workplaze Internal Helpdesk makes this vision a reality. Acting as a central hub, it transforms communication and support within organizations and empowers employees to swiftly find answers and receive assistance, eliminating the obstacles associated with traditional information-seeking methods. 

As we explore its functionality, you’ll discover how Worplaze’s Internal Helpdesk goes beyond convenience and is an essential element in strategies aimed at elevating organizational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

What is an Internal Help Desk and Why Should You Care?

Most companies are familiar with customer-facing support systems to help them respond to their clients’ inquiries. The internal help desk follows the same central support hub concept, this time for employees. It is the go-to place for employees to connect with various departments within the company to resolve their problems, get the support they need, and the answers for their questions. Focusing on the company’s own smooth operation, the internal help desk streamlines communication, simplifies problem-solving, and ultimately paves the way for a more productive and happier workplace.

The Power of the Workplaze’s Helpdesk App

The Workplaze Helpdesk is a mini-app embedded in our comprehensive HR platform, making it a safe and secure way for employees to enlist help. All employees, whether Workplaze users or not, can access this app to issue requests, logged as traceable tickets from submission to resolution. This innovative solution includes assignment rules, a chat for communication, reminders and alerts, tracking of response times, resolution progress, a productivity dashboard, service level rating, and a knowledge library. 

With a focus on simplicity, coherence and efficiencies, the Workplaze Helpdesk encompasses the following to tools for harmonious end-to-end employee support and a good internal service experience:

User Interface
Workplaze Helpdesk features an easy-to-use design, minimizing the learning curve for both employees and Helpdesk administrators. This ensures that the app is immediately beneficial and usable by everyone. Embedded in the Workplaze HR platform, the app follows the same strict security protocols to protect sensitive data.
Ticketing System
Every employee in the company can submit questions or requests online, allowing for clear communication, progress tracking, and case prioritization. This efficient inquiry management speeds up problem resolution but also boosts the overall productivity
FAQ – Knowledge Library
Upon entering the Helpdesk, employees access a searchable repository of FAQs and helpful resources, neatly arranged in categories. This empowers them to self-serve first and find answers to simple questions in just a few clicks.
Helpdesk administrators can direct inquiries to the most suitable department and even colleagues. The assignment function ensures not only  fast and accurate responses to employee requests but also a fair distribution of support workload across departments.
Communication & Collaboration
The built-in chat function enables open and direct communication, fostering a quick problem resolution, good relationships, and a transparent record of actions taken. That in turn lays the foundation for  a good user experience for all involved.
Identification of FAQ
Workplaze Helpdesk features a “Promote to FAQ” function that allows administrators to add recurring questions to the knowledge library. This well-documented and organized data base empowers employees to find answers independently and reduces the burden on support teams.
Satisfaction Rating
Workplaze Helpdesk incorporates a satisfaction ranking. At the end of the ticket closing, the requester can provide feedback through a satisfaction ranking. Rating the experience of each particular case allows conclusions regarding the performance  and identifies improvement areas. 
Monitoring & Measuring
Regular monitoring and tracking of response and resolution time along with employee satisfaction provide insight into the overall Helpdesk performance and bottlenecks. Moreover, analyzing trending issues, leaders can identify and resolve broader issues across the organizations, enabling proactively improvements.

The Workplaze Helpdesk app is more than just a ticketing system; it has the potential to foster a culture of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous support process  improvement. By empowering employees and streamlining communication, it paves the way for a more efficient, productive, and ultimately, happier workplace.

Benefits of the Workplaze’s Helpdesk App

For companies to thrive, understanding their strengths and weaknesses is crucial. The Workplaze Helpdesk presents a pragmatic solution to collect, track, and monitor issues in a common place.  For employees, it is a direct access to get answers and support; for organizations, it is an actionable feedback hub that becomes a conduit for adjustments and improvements. Let’s take a look at the benefits internal help desks bring to their organizations:

For EmployeesFor Organization
Bridge the Communication Gap
Facilitates effortless interaction between employees and teams for collaborative problem clarification and resolution. Through the app, this can be done at any time, from any location, making it a great tool for hybrid and remote work scenarios.
Streamlined Communication
Eliminates lengthy, unnecessary conversations or unwanted cc’s of support emails. Support happens online on a commonly accessed platform where all collaborators can check the progress anytime, with minimal effort and time, and without the need to meet.
The Workplaze Helpdesk app is straight-forward:  inquiry – assignment to the right person – collaboration until the end with status updates and satisfaction rating. It’s effortless, transparent, and with minimal disruption to your workday.
Improve Productivity with Automation
Empowers faster support by automating routine tasks. Users can create workflows, assignments, and rule-based action triggers from a user-friendly interface. Promoting similar questions to the FAQ library avoids repetitively answering questions, saving time and  effort.
Faster Problem Resolution
Timely problem solving equals happy employees. Inquiries are tracked in one platform including progress, status updates, action reminders, and bottleneck alerts. The service experience ranking, additionally, gives employees a great feedback opportunity that helps teams to stay on top of their performance. 
Onboarding & Training
New hires often have many questions and need support. The Helpdesk streamlines the process of issue reporting and resolution for new employees, allowing them to focus on their core tasks.
Knowledge Library Empowers Self-Learning
Enables organizations to create (and update) an extensive knowledge and reference  library of articles, company policies, guidelines, tutorials, FAQs, and resources that is accessible 24/7. New and old employees alike can self-serve first to find the answers they seek or to educate themselves.
Analytics and Insight
Provides insight into support performances in real-time. From number of tickets reported to response time to resolution time and service satisfaction –  the embedded analytics ensure tickets are getting solved efficiently and timely. Similarly, the data will also identify areas of improvement down to individual team members.

Beyond efficient communication and problem-solving, the benefits of the Workplaze Helpdesk lie in the stream of valuable data that provides unprecedented insights into employee needs and challenges. By analyzing these insights, companies can optimize internal processes, proactively address recurring issues, and create a more productive and positive work environment where employees feel empowered and supported.

The Final Word: Unlocking the Power of a Supportive Workplace

Many frustrations can arise in a day, from not finding the latest case study to  understanding high tax deductions, broken printers or blocked email attachments. Things break, things get forgotten, things are questioned – often starting a time-consuming cycle of chasing down a resolution. 
This is where the Workplaze Helpdesk can make a difference. It provides problem-havers and problem-solvers with an instant connection and direct line of communication to collaborate on solving problems. It is easy, quick, and transparent.

But beyond efficiency, a responsive internal support system is also a good tool to boost employee morale. Because solving employees’ problems quickly makes their lives easier and happier! And happy employees are in turn more productive.

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