Career Administration

Painless management of basic career data and transitions – from hiring to offboarding across positions and locations – with automatic feedback of changes to the organization chart, employee master information and payroll.


Key Functionalities

Seamlessly manage career transitions and related workflow changes from hiring to rotation, mutation, promotion, to termination and offboarding. Support multi-company structures and career transitions within a group. Track changes related to the new career step in a before-after style that include supervisors, managers, payroll information, service agreements, etc.

Takes care of the basic HR function of recording employee’s career steps such as hiring, transfers, promotions, etc. – either directly or via an approval process depending on privilege set up. Organizational, positional and payroll changes are conveniently displayed as a before and after comparison while historical data are maintained for reference and reporting.

Lets users upload career changes for multiple employees at the same time using system standardized file templates for termination and other career movements. A gauge summarizes details of the upload success and failures, including a file listing the problems preventing an upload success.

The Awards feature allows HR to leave an official record of acknowledgment for employees’ work-related contributions while the Disciplines menu is used to issue warnings when inappropriate behavior occurs. Both are linked to the Performance Module where they become credits or deduction in the overall assessment of an employee’s development.

Ensures HRD manages the termination process with ease and that nothing gets forgotten. The system compiles a list of outstanding issues (loans, expenses, leave remains, service agreements, equipment return, and more) that need to be dealt with before the employee can leave and receives his final pay. Issues are categorized to give the completion tracking process a clear structure.

Access and share data organization wide with dashboards, analytics & ad hoc reports.

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