DataOn Equips HR Professionals with PPh 21 Update in Informative Workshop

On February 7th, 2024, DataOn hosted an enlightening workshop centered around the theme “Harnessing Technology for Effective Income Tax Art 21 Rates: Understanding Government Regulation 58/2023.” This event drew over 100 HR and payroll professionals eager to stay abreast of the ever-changing tax landscape in Indonesia.

The dynamic nature of the Indonesian tax landscape underscores the importance for HR and payroll professionals to remain ahead of the curve. Recognizing this imperative, DataOn meticulously organized the event to facilitate updates, particularly focusing on the latest developments in income tax 21 (PPh 21).

To ensure the accuracy of the information disseminated, DataOn invited Ms. Elfi Rahmi and Mr. Angga Sukma from Direktorat Jendral Pajak Republik Indonesia to provide a comprehensive overview of the new PPh 21 regulations. The interactive session fostered a conducive learning environment, enabling attendees to address specific questions and concerns regarding the recent regulatory changes. Participants actively engaged with the speakers, gaining valuable insights and clarifying any uncertainties surrounding the updated tax procedures.

In addition to regulatory insights, Mr. Wioko Wisnu, DataOn’s Payroll VP, conducted a demonstration showcasing how the right tax and payroll technology, such as DataOn’s cutting-edge HRIS, SunFish Workplaze, can streamline company and employee tax calculations and reporting. Mr. Wisnu’s extensive knowledge and hands-on experience offered participants a practical understanding of the capabilities of modern HR technology.

Beyond the informative presentations, the workshop provided a unique opportunity for HR professionals to experience a guided tour of DataOn’s office and headquarters. This session allowed participants to witness firsthand the dedicated team at DataOn, working tirelessly to fulfill all HR needs, providing insights into the company’s culture and its commitment to driving innovation.

Following the conclusion of the workshop, the engaging atmosphere persisted at the Dinner and Networking session. Participants enjoyed a delightful Teppanyaki dinner while seizing the chance to network and connect with peers in the industry.

Through this workshop, DataOn aspires to equip HR and payroll professionals in the region with the knowledge needed to comprehend and navigate the latest tax regulations in Indonesia. DataOn expresses its gratitude to all participants for their active engagement, hoping that the event significantly contributed to a clearer understanding of the new PPh 21 regulations, empowering HR professionals to navigate the tax landscape.

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