DataOn's Heartwarming

DataOn’s Heartwarming Day with Budi Mulia 4 Elderly Residents

On November 11th, 2023 DataOn employees, along with our COO Yus Wadi, set out on a mission to bring joy and support to the residents of Budi Mulia 4 Elderly Social Welfare Home. Warmly welcomed by 310 senior residents and 65 staff members, the day unfolded with a mix of entertainment, laughter, and meaningful contributions, creating a memorable experience for everyone.

In return for the warm welcome, the DataOn team made sure the elderly residents had a day to cherish. One of the highlights of the day was a delightful, short drama titled Drama Bahagia performed by the DataOn Teamwhich infused the atmosphere with joy and fun, reminding everyone to embrace happiness.

DataOn's Heartwarming -  Eldery Social Welfare

The amusement continued with a series of interactive and lovely games tailored to the diverse interests and abilities of the elderly residents. To add an extra layer of excitement, prizes were prepared for the winners, sparking enthusiasm among the elderly residents to actively participate. The games brought everyone together with lots of laughter and a strong sense of camaraderie.

DataOn's Heartwarming -  Eldery Social Welfare
DataOn's Heartwarming -  Eldery Social Welfare

In addition to the engaging activities, DataOn also donated goodie bags for each elderly resident and the staff. These goodie bags were carefully curated to include essential items such as cleaning supplies, snacks, and medicines. The donation aimed to not only bring momentary joy but also contribute to the daily needs and operational efficiency of Budi Mulia 4 Elderly Social Welfare Home.

To conclude the day on a special note, DataOn organized a heartwarming birthday celebration for the elderly residents. This thoughtful gesture aimed to recognize and celebrate the lives of the elderly residents, emphasizing the importance of their individual stories and experiences. The celebration served as a touching reminder of the bonds formed between the DataOn team and the residents during this meaningful day.

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As the day developed, DataOn Team immersed themselves in activities that entertained and created lasting memories for both the elderly residents and our team members. Genuine smiles and laughter echoed through the corridors, validating DataOn’s efforts in brightening the residents’ day.

DataOn's Heartwarming -  Eldery Social Welfare

This visit stands as a testament to the positive impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives. Through awareness, genuine caring, joyful activities, and generous donations, it not only brought smiles to the faces of the elderly residents but also made a tangible contribution to the welfare home’s daily operations. Hopefully, this heartwarming experience inspires more companies to actively engage in initiatives that make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the Budi Mulia 4 Elderly Social Welfare Home for allowing us and supporting us to spend the day there. Our thanks also goes out to the DataOn CSR committee, and all employees who donated and assisted, making the outing possible. In anticipation of similar future events, we now eagerly await our next

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