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Workplaze HR Core:
Empowering Global Enterprises
Workplaze HR Core

Transform your fundamental HR processes with the leading HR solution in the SEA region, empowering you to digitize your operations effectively.

Now even better with our integrated new AI
features. Learn more in this Video.

Digitize your basic HR Processes With the No. 1 HR Solution for SEA

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Workplaze Mobile: Empower
your Agile Workforce
Workplaze for your mobile workforce

Equip employees with a powerful mobile app, empowering them while simplifying and easing the burden of HR tasks.

Fuss-free access anytime, anywhere

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Unlock Your Workforce's Full Potential with Workplaze Talent Management
Workplaze Talent Management

Unlock the full potential and maximize the value of your exceptional workforce through the implementation of our state-of-the-art Talent Management Solution.

Maximize the value of your workforce with our next-generation Talent Management Solution

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Employee Attendance Recording Solution
Attendance Recording

Explore our cutting-edge attendance tracking solutions; time recorders, face scanners, card scanners, and more, to revolutionize how you monitor employee attendance.

Time recorders, face scanners, card scanners, interactive displays, and many more - we offer cutting-edge machines for your attendance tracking.

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Contemporary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
Modern Enterprise Resource Planning

Incorporate accounting, production, inventory, projects, sales, and delivery seamlessly into employee workflows and compensation using our state-of-the-art ERP Solution.

Integrate Accounting, Production, Inventory, Projects, Sales and Delivery into employee workflows and compensation with our advanced ERP Solution

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Unified Objectives and Key Results (OKR) System
Integrated OKR

Improve performance management with OKR integration for all workers across departments.

Performance Management enhanced with OKR linked to organizational activities that support both traditional and non-traditional workers

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Payroll Outsourcing – The Ideal Solution for Your Payroll Problems
Payroll Outsourcing

Focus on your company's core strengths, while we handle your payroll needs.

Concentrate on what your company does best. We do the same.

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Benefits Management Solutions for Enhanced Employee Well-Being"
Benefits Management

Prioritize employee well-being and healthy lifestyles and cultivate a caring work environment

Become a caring employer with
Connect your business success with the right employee benefits using our digitalized insurance broker platform. With Benix, we help you prioritize your employees’ personal well-being and healthy lifestyles.

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Mid Market Solutions: Empowering Growing Businesses
Mid Market solutions

Tigersoft and GreatDay HR platforms provide extensive HRIS features and impressive scalability to accommodate your changing HR requirements as your company matures.

Support your growing business with our flexible HR solutions catered to the evolving needs of medium sized companies. Our platforms Tigersoft and GreatDay HR combine across the board beneficial HRIS feature with a high level of scalability to support your changing HR requirements as you mature.

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