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Embraces company slogan ‘Exist to Contribute’ to step up its HR game

The customer

Company: Dharma Polimetal Tbk, based in Jakarta, is a prominent holding company with subsidiaries specializing in the production, assembly, and distribution of automotive components for both motorcycles and automobiles. They serve esteemed two-wheel manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki, in addition to four-wheel giants like Toyota, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki. With an extensive product portfolio, a dedicated workforce of 6,000 professionals spread across the archipelago, and three state-of-the-art production facilities, the group stands as an industry leader and a dependable, highly-regarded partner.

Industry: Production, Assembly and Distribution of automotive part

Employees:   6000 across multiple locations

Established:  in 1989

Locations:  Indonesia

Moduls Used: since 2019

  • HR Base
  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance
  • Training
  • Recruitment

Key Achievements

Significantly improved work process efficiency
Expedited payroll process
Administration accuracy

Fast data verification process
Speedy report creation
Flexible request submission process
Fast processing &  approvals
Better employee service delivery
Happier Employees

PT. Dharma Polimetal Tbk. ‘Exists to Contribute

PT Dharma Polimetal Tbk, the distinguished holding company of Dharma Group, has been a pivotal player in the automotive component industry since its establishment in 1989. Its commitment to this field has solidified the group’s position within the automotive supply chain, offering a range of innovative, high-quality spare parts and components that align seamlessly with global manufacturing standards.

As it looks towards the future, Dharma Group is poised to be at the forefront of the automotive industry’s resurgence, fully embracing the transformative era of Industry 4.0 by digitizing all facets of its operations. 

Their vision is clear: to contribute significantly to the nation by spearheading the development and production of components for electric vehicles right here in Indonesia, underpinned by its core principle of “Exist to Contribute.”

The Dharma Group currently comprises 10 companies strategically located in

Technology, Excellence, Innovation, People, & Country are Dharma Group’s core values which they perfectly combined in their own product release – the 

Like no other,
the PowerAce captures the essence of an innovative, dependable, comfortable, locally needed product.

Cikarang, Tangerang, Karawang, and Cirebon, with PT Dharma Polimetal Tbk serving as the holding company. Together, the group forms a dynamic workforce of approximately 6,000 dedicated individuals.

Dharma places sustainable growth at the forefront of its mission, leveraging cutting-edge technology as a cornerstone of its operational excellence. Their motto, “Excellence Through People and Process,” underscores the companies’ commitment to delivering top-tier service to renowned global brands and nurturing enduring partnerships.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology as cornerstone of operational excellence

Technology, Excellence, Innovation, People, and Country are core values the group deeply cherishes. These principles are ingrained in its mission, where technology serves as both, the cornerstone for achieving sustainable growth and the catalyst for driving optimal performances in their operational processes and workforce. This commitment extends to all aspects of their operation, including their HR management.

Andi Agustio, the group’s Human Resource Management System Specialist, emphasizes, “Our company needs the technology that can help the HR department to enhance its efficiency and meet current and future complexities.”

This belief became the driving force behind the group’s decision to digitize their HR management structures and workflows, and to usher in a new era of efficiency.

Dharma’s HR Pain points:

  • Inefficient processes
  • Heavy administrative workload
  • Lack of payroll process accuracy
  • Burdensome attendance management incl. shift schedule changes
  • Delays in evaluating contract periods
  • Missed permanent employment opportunities
  • Missed permanent employment opportunities

High Standards for Vendors and Solution Selection

As a publicly listed company, Dharma’s business dealings are scrutinized by both the public and the IDX. That’s why it upholds rigorous standards and transparency in its operation, partnerships and procurement decisions. As requirements dictate, Dharma compared multiple vendors and their HR solutions applying the four key criteria outlined by Mr. Agustino:

  • First, the extent of their experience in providing HR solutions.
  • Second, the number of major corporate clients they have handled.
  • Third, the complexity of the modules available and their compatibility with current and future needs.
  • Fourth, dedicated support from the team.

During the lengthy, detailed evaluation process the selection committee concluded that “All the attributes the group was seeking in an HR solution were covered within SunFish making it an ideal fit for the HR management at Dharma Group, particularly given the group’s current phase of rapid expansion.”

Enhancing Efficiency Through Transformation

With 6000 employees in multiple locations across Indonesia and ten subsidiaries in various automotive production and supply areas under their belt, Dharma Group’s organizational and HR management presented a complex challenge. When Dharma’s HR team embarked on their transformation journey in 2019, their goals were to integrate the different units and centralize all workforce data in one system, to be transparent, to make HR processes more productive, to eliminate redundancies, and to prepare for future needs.  

Since then, Dharma has experienced numerous benefits thanks to underpinning its HR Management with technology. As Andi Agustino attests, “With the current SunFish technology  we’re using, there has been a significant transformation in the efficiency of our work processes, which has notably improved, starting with the payroll process. The implementation of SunFish  has expedited the payroll process immensely.  Now it’s incredibly fast, taking less than an hour, and its accuracy is nearly 100%.”

Unlocking the value of process optimization

SunFish has also proven to be very valuable in alleviating the administrative burden. With its comprehensive functionality, process optimization, and well-throughout interface design, SunFish enabled Dharma’s HR team to reduce the time spent on HR administrative tasks by approximately 60% and to drastically enhance data accuracy. Mr. Andi notes, “Locating files also takes very little time and even the checking process has become quicker, as we can easily just access reports available in SunFish.”

Furthermore, the HR team now delivers a much better employee experience – from instant payslip delivery to giving them control over their various request processes for leave, overtime, expense claims, etc. 

“Our employees are also happier due to the flexibility in submission processes, which can be done from anywhere, resulting in swift processing and delivery.”

Dharma’s HR team also appreciates the dependable support from the DataOn team which has been very helpful in ensuring smooth operations and in addressing their queries, concerns and enhancement requests reliably and promptly. 

Mr. Agustino concludes, “The maintenance service provided by Data On is quite good. So far, SunFish has been performing well and shutdowns have been very rare. We are satisfied with the service from the SunFish team in providing HR solutions and support to us.”

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