Why Employers should think about EWA

Increase your company's competitive edge by offering flexible benefits to employees, and use them as a means to motivate current employees, and to attract new ones.

Key Functionalities

In conjunction with our mobile HR and Benefits app, Workplaze offers companies a digital benefits platform that allows them to incorporate initiatives such as EWA, Cash Advance, Bill Top up, etc. - which are all targeted at improving their employees' financial health, reducing their worries and stress or even simply assisting with decreasing time it takes to conduct financial transactions.

Payroll Advance

Top Up & Bill Payment

Multibank Transfer


Benefits Dashboard
Benefits Top up dana

EWA is one of the newest programs aimed at protecting employees from loan risks and thereby increasing employee loyalty and employee retention.

Background Data

The Majority of Employees Feel Stressed Out About Their Financial Problems

Workers choose companies based on Employee Benefits

According to the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, more than 50% of employees agree that the benefits offered by the company determines their decisions to stay.

Rising number of Online loans have grown

Online loan users have increased by 134% and most of them are employees.

High monthly costs of Online loans

Online loan interest fees can reach up to 28% per month and that does not include penalty fees, admin fees, etc.

Creating Emergency Funds is still uncommon

Many employees still do not realize the importance of a good financial plan. This leads to them not preparing emergency funds leaving them overwhelmed when an unexpected situation arises.

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