FL Technics Overhauls HR Practice with SunFish Workplaze

The Customer
FL Technics Indonesia, a subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group, the largest aerospace business group
from Dublin, Ireland and high-quality MRO services provider for commercial aircraft.
Their reputation for exceptional service extends beyond borders, attracting a diverse
clientele of both domestic and international airlines.
Project Goal
– Streamlined and efficient HR operation
– Better HR service delivery & communication to employees

Key Achievements
– Efficient HR operation
– Fast payroll and tax calculation
– Automated tax filing
– Easy tracking of mobile workforce across multiple locations & clients
– Data insight for trend and improvements analysis
– Good communication between HR and employees
– Empower employees with self-service features
Aviation, Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul


Year Established

2 Hangar: Jakarta & Bali

Lean to Success

FL Technics Indonesia, a leading name in high-quality MRO services for commercial aircraft, takes pride in delivering exceptional services. As an FAA Part-145 certified subsidiary of the European-headquartered FL Technics, the company commits to providing know-how of European quality standards in MRO with a focus on effective turnaround time. The company can perform full C and D checks as well as maintain aircraft in the Airbus A320 family and Boeing CL and NG family. 

FL Technics Indonesia was established in 2016, building their first hangar in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta which encompasses 20,000 sqm. Emerging as one of Asia’s MRO trailblazers, the service provider has rapidly grown and has opened a second hangar in I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali to cater to more domestic and international clients.

FL Technics Indonesia has a vision to become the “1st choice for People, Partners, and Society.” This dedication isn’t just reserved for their clients – it extends to their valued team of over 400 employees.

Outgrowing Their Existing HR Practices

With the rapid expansion of their team,  FL Technics quickly reached the limitation of its then manual HR operations. From inefficient administration and tracking attendance of their dispersed workforce to transparency issues in the communication between HR and employees – their traditional HR approach made it difficult to effectively manage and support their growing team.

SunFish Workplaze and FL Technics

FL Technics Indonesia found themselves facing a variety of challenges, among them:

  • Inefficiencies in payroll, attendance, and leave administration:
    Repetitive tasks like payroll processing, leave management, on duty requests, and attendance tracking across different locations and clients were all handled manually. This not only opened the door for errors and delays, but also meant valuable time was wasted on administrative duties instead of focusing on strategic HR initiatives.
  • Heavy reliance on HR:
    As is common in traditional manual HR processes, there was a substantial reliance on the HR team. Data updates, approvals, contract renewals, documentation, inquiries all went through HR channels, creating a bottleneck in the system and dissatisfaction among employees.   
  • Limited visibility into key HR metrics:
    Lack of real-time data in different HR aspects including employee attendance like absence, lateness, overtime, and whereabouts. This made it difficult for the HR team to pinpoint trends and problems areas and counteract them with targeted solutions.
  • Fragmented communication between HR and employees:
    Sharing company policies, updates, and addressing employee inquiries was time-consuming, slow and intransparent, creating a disconnect between HR and employees.

Eager to overcome these challenges, FL Technics pushed for the centralization and digitization of its HR structures. The team decided to trust DataOn and its reputable SunFish Workplaze HCM system  for  effectively leveling up their HR management.

“Realizing these challenges, we recognized the need to modernize our HR processes and adopt technology solutions to better support our employees and organizational goals. This realization prompted us to embark on the journey of adopting HR technology to transform our HR management practice with SunFish,” says Ms. Sanggita Trisna, Chief HR Officer of FL Technics, of their decision at the time.

How SunFish Workplaze Eliminates FL Technics’ HR Burden

Since partnering with SunFish Workplaze, FL Technics Indonesia has experienced a significant improvement in their HR management. The platform acts as a skilled co-pilot, guiding them through a series of solutions across several key areas.

  • Automated attendance tracking: SunFish Workplaze eliminates manual data entry, allowing for swift identification and resolution of lateness issues. This newfound data visibility provides valuable insights to optimize operations and make data-driven decisions.
  • Simplified leave management: The system empowers employees to take control of their schedules, allowing them to easily submit various work related requests including leave, overtime. The system then automates the conversion of overtime hours into time off days. This not only saved HR valuable time but also fostered a sense of trust and autonomy among employees.
  • Empowering employees to manage their own data and requests: With a geographically dispersed workforce spread across two hangars and managing different clients, streamlined work and activity tracking is crucial for FL Technics. SunFish Workplaze addressed this challenge by allowing employees to manage their work data and on-duty requests online and independently, eliminating any intransparent back-and-forth on communicating data and records.
  • Automated payroll management: SunFish Workplaze streamlines FL Technics’ payroll processes, including tax calculations and automatic generation of withholding tax reports. Additionally, the system simplified the management of bonuses and religious holiday allowances for each employee, ensuring everyone received their compensation accurately and on time.
  • Improved employee engagement: The platform provided timely reminders for employee probation periods and birthdays, prompting FL Technics Indonesia to celebrate these milestones and foster a more connected and valued workforce.

These improvements are further bolstered by the user-friendly interface of SunFish Workplaze, enabling quick employee adoption with minimal training. FL Technics also commends the ongoing support provided by the DataOn team, ensuring they continue to maximize the benefits of this HR technology investment.

FL Technics Indonesia's HR Transformation Journey

FL Technics’ HR transformation story exemplifies how our cutting-edge HR platform SunFish Workplaze has propelled their HR team to new heights of HR efficiency. The system streamlines processes, improves data visibility, and empowers employees, fostering a more engaged workforce. 

With SunFish Workplaze as their trusted co-pilot, FL Technics Indonesia is well-positioned to continue delivering exceptional service to their clients and employees, taking their commitment to excellence to new altitudes.

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