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Digitize your basic HR Processes With the No. 1 HR Solution for SEA

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Our expert outsourcing and digital tools ensure accuracy, every time

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Digitize your basic HR Processes With the No. 1 HR Solution for SEA

Your trusted business solutions provider for Southeast Asia

Explore Humanica’s business solutions for the modern day organization – from end-to-end HR Management Solutions to Finance and Accounting. Our innovative software combined with our exceptional services are designed to get you ready for what is next in your transformation journey. We work side by side with you to create value for years to come.

Talent Management

Talent Management

Talent Management

Our Strength

At Humanica, we work to support our customers in managing change through technologies that focus on supporting how people communicate and collaborate.

We believe effective change starts with people and succeeds when they work together towards common goals.

Why we are the right choice

Humanica designs solutions that meet customer needs for flexibility to support their unique business processes with a focus on improving efficiency and engagement. Our technical solutions are supported by a large professional services team with HR, project, support, and security experts to ensure successful implementation and help customers go live on time, within their budgets. We are committed to work side by side with our customers to create value for years to come.


Best in market solution full featured solutions designed to support a wide range of HR best practices using modern technology. Best attendance tracking by mobile, kiosk and physical devices preventing fraud.


Rigid security standards and constant tuning for optimal processing allows customers to run their operation securely while we keep data and applications safe


2000 companies and 1.2 Mio users trust our solutions with 98% customer satisfaction. Many of them grew with us since 2005 as we learn from them and put into tech what they need.


We offer the option of beyond standard features for internal social networks, people development and recruitment.


Solution is designed for mobile access. 98% of sessions are on phones.


20 years of experience in HR allow  support of most HR processes not available from competitors.

We are trusted by over 5000 companies in every industry, some small, some large, some operating locally, some internationally.

Humanica service provider aspires to create an ecosystem that offers our clients and their workers the best HR solutions and services as a leader in HR management technology in Thailand.

More than 5,000 clients in Asia rely on Humanica and HR solutions, which have helped clients turn their businesses into digitally efficient operations.

FAQ about Humanica Service What kind of Humanica Service?

All kinds of businesses and organizations are supported by Humanica Service, which uses its expertise to offer solutions that can help boost organizational development effectiveness. Following are some of the services that Humanica provides to meet the needs of business owners.

• Multi-company and locations, multi-currency, exchange rate management, multi-language, and international implementations

• Consolidated reporting

• Dual-base currency support

• Micro Service Architecture separating front and back end for faster updates of functionalities

Humanica has more than 30 years of experience providing all types of organizations and businesses with the demands they have for payroll outsourcing, another key service. We design and calculate compensation that is in line with the organizational culture, taking into account tax and salary calculations, payroll reporting, time and leave reporting, and local law compliance.

“Humanica is a service provider that implements ERP systems for businesses of all sizes, with the goal of making their workflows more modern and efficient than before.” We have formed alliances with prominent worldwide ERP providers such as Business One, Oracle NetSuite, and SunFish Workplaze. We promise quality and have gained the trust of prominent organizations in Thailand and around Asia with over 30 years of expertise in the ERP area..

The Department of Business Development (DBD) has recognized us as a “Quality Accounting Office” and we have over 30 years of expertise offering accounting services to companies and nonprofits. Our competence in accounting, precision, and thorough understanding of tax rules and regulations from the government sector are some of our key competencies. Our team of skilled specialists makes sure that our clients may have faith in Humanica’s professional abilities.

For companies that use foreign labor, Humanica offers practical paperwork services. The services range from company registration, visa conversion services, work permit renewal and application for foreign nationals. These services are quick and effective, supporting the expansion of your company with assurance.

Humanica Consulting Service is a solution that assists in the resolution of numerous internal organizational difficulties that effect employee well-being. By examining data from the organization’s HR management department, plans are established to improve the work culture in accordance with the needs of the employees. This reduces personnel turnover and ensures the organization’s long-term stability.

With our deployment options, including Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) in a cloud-hosted environment that permits data to be accessed via internet connectivity, and on-premise solutions that offer flexibility in usage, Humanica’s Hosting service is created to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all types. Our solution offers exceptional long-term value for money and is very secure.

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