Workplaze HR Core

Complex work simplified, compliant and accurate

Workplaze is designed for ease of processing and access to information with a focus on highly interactive users. Whether your company operates locally or in multiple countries, Workplaze allows you to integrate your complex organizational structures and different regulatory  frameworks in one platform and lets you manage your global design with localization to country specific needs. 


    Feature Highlights

    An integral part of HR are it’s administrative and operative functions. We have built a user interface that makes the handling of necessary tasks like record keeping, scheduling, and payroll a little bit more exciting and gets them done fast.

    Organization Chart

    Visualize, manage and communicate the organization’sstructure to support mission specific requirements. Create and remodel, add as often as necessary with our easy-to-use drag and drop tools.

    Employee Data SSOT

    Provide detailed employee records supporting a vast range of pre-defined and flexible data types in a single source of truth platform that enables strategic business or people decision-making.

    Career Admin

    Manage career transitions and related workflows, documents and changes from hiring to rotation, mutation, promotion, to termination.


    Simplify the management of complex workflows and support automation for easy maintenance while maintaining granular control of multi step approval rules.


    Embed highly intuitive ESS features across the core features, allowing employees to self-manage administrative tasks anytime, anywhere

    Global Operation Support

    Multi-language displays in the software and data entry (incl. double byte) are available for most SEA countries with the ability to edit translations and add additional languages.

    The Groundwork to Enable
    your Business Plan for the Future

    Workplaze is designed as an employee-centric HR Solutions for your Transition to a New Normal embedded in a TECH that everyone will love to use – a modern app-style, active internal platform that accommodates employee’s lifestyles: mobile, flexible, connected, rewarding, and evolving with them.

    • Multi-company and locations, multi-currency, exchange rate management, multi-language, and international implementations
    • Consolidated reporting
    • Dual-base currency support
    • Micro Service Architecture separating front and back end for faster updates of functionalities
    • Easy to use, easy to learn interface
    • Clean, Inbox style design that feels familiar to users 
    • Complex data summarized to simple charts and graphs
    • Adjustable data views – users can configure list pages to show/hide data relevant to their workflow
    • Easy access to information from the web, tablet, or mobile apps.
    • Various sorting and filtering options on each page to expedite data access when performing updates 
    • Built-in simple in-app analytics without the need to access reports or BI tools for common data
    • Automated workflows and visualized management of access levels and workflows
    • Comprehensive functionality
    • Deep ESS features for all employees
    • Integrate and automate all HR operations throughout the company
    • Track and analyze data more frequently through mobile apps and dashboard summaries
    • Complex data summarized to simple charts and graphs
    • Built on the latest in Cloud Technology
    • Intrusion Prevention System
    • Data stored in a secure Tier 3 data center with 24/7 physical monitoring
    • Warm disaster recovery center
    • Certified ISO 27001
    • User group access to functions and data configured independently and with granular level access control
    • Creation of audit trails for all transactions as part of architecture that cannot be disabled
    • Multiple layers of encryption and security ensure appropriate access control

    Hear it from them

    Humanica Group is trusted by over 2000 great companies – in every industry, some small, some large, some operating locally, some internationally – each of them unique. Working side by side with so many different customers supplies us with a wealth of knowledge and experience that we put in the constant innovation of our technology. This is our way of honoring our commitment to prioritizing customers’ needs and to continue to deliver value for decades to come.


    "The benefits since using the system are quite a lot, such as the payroll calculation process that is easier and faster, attendance data recap is also easier - we only need to download it from the software. Leave requests that the process can be done anytime and anywhere. The user interface does not confuse the user, and DataOn has a support team that is always ready to help us."

    Dodi, Ass.

    Payroll & HRIS

    "DataOn's HCM system is very suitable for Goodyear’s current and future needs. The selection process at Goodyear is quite long and complex, involving our regional and global parties from various IT functions to ensure the vendor has trusted ability, high level of security, and is able to support Goodyear’s needs. The solution has proven its ability to pass the selection and audit processes as a safe and reliable system with good quality and flexibility to answer the company’s needs with its user friendly features."

    Resa, Ass.



    "“Before using the system, we processed the attendance manually and had to recap the data one at a time, which was extremely time-consuming. Since we are using DataOn's HR, we are able to manage the data efficiently, and the data storage is centralized. The software also has a friendly price, and the features are helpful and user-friendly.”



    “Ever since DataOn's HCM is being live used in our company, employee administration processes such as overtime and leave administrative have been easier, faster, and more efficient due to the systematized process of the HR modules themselves. The payroll calculation process that is being done in-house able to provide more accurate result without the interference of any third-party and can be validated immediately to minimized miscalculation.”

    Suharisman, Personnel


    It takes courage to move forward, to implement changes or lead into a new direction. We support you to take the next step.

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