SunFish Workplaze at Indonesia HR Summit 2023

HR Summit Bali 2023: Captivating Professionals with Innovative HR Solutions

The highly anticipated 13th Indonesia HR Summit took place last June 19-20, 2023 at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. Drawing in a crowd of 1,000 national and international participants, the event served as a networking hub for HR professionals. The theme for this year’s event is “Redefining Human Capital: Inspiring People To Take Action.” It was chosen in hope to empower visitors with fresh insights regarding transformative HR practices. Through the tagline “Think B.I.G, Win B.I.G,” the event sought to inspire a better work ethic that encompasses boldness, integrity, and striving for greatness.

Big Names Joined the Indonesia HR Summit 2023

Indonesia HR Summit has always been regarded as the country’s premier HR event. It always attracts professionals from Indonesia and across the ASEAN region. Like the previous year, the organizers invited many well known figures from Indonesia’s HR industry. Day 1 saw Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia, Arifin Tasrif, officiate the event with his welcome speech. Member VII The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia, Hendra Susanto, and Minister of the Secretary of State Pratikno later joined by giving keynote speeches.

The event continued with six conference sessions with topics surrounding being bold and taking actions in the era of transformation. The first day wrapped up with the Awarding Call for Paper Winner which crowned the winners of the paper abstract competition.

Day 2 of the Indonesia HR Summit 2023, followed up with many more educational content brought by HR professionals. It took a very exciting turn when Indonesian celebrity Cinta Laura and comedian Cak Lontong participated in the sessions. Samira Shihab, CEO & Co-founder of Tinkerlust then joined Cinta Laura for their presentation titled “B.I.G Generation: Be Bold, Stand for Integrity, and Become Great.” Lastly, Cak Lontong concluded the festivities with a session themed “Be B.I.G: Future Challenges and New Mandate for HR.”

SunFish Workplaze Fun Booth Activities at HR Summit 2023

Workplaze Booth at Indonesia HR Summit 2023
Workplaze Booth at Indonesia HR Summit 2023

The 13th Indonesia HR Summit not only had many insightful conference sessions, but also interactive booths. This year, 64 companies participated as exhibitors. And SunFish Workplaze proudly being one of them and occupying booth numbers 24 and 25. With an array of interactive activities, the SunFish Workplaze booth aimed to captivate visitors with our transformative end-to-end HR solution. 

Our enthusiastic team conducted many live demonstrations of the system’s functionalities. Of particular interest were the system’s integration capabilities as well as the payroll module. One request that kept coming up was to show how our payroll module simplifies payroll processes while ensuring accuracy. 

The SunFish Workplaze team patiently addressed each query, highlighting the system’s user-friendly interface, customizable features, and comprehensive reporting options. Beyond that, our booth was also equipped with a lucky draw session offering prizes like MAP vouchers and Nespresso Coffee Maker. There was also many SunFish Workplaze merchandise for other visitors to take home.

The Winner of HR Summit 2023 Lucky Draw Session
The Winner of HR Summit 2023 Lucky Draw Session


Reflecting on the event, the SunFish Workplaze team is very happy with their participation in the HR Summit Indonesia 2023. It was a perfect opportunity to present our advanced HR solution to a very receptive audience of HR professionals. With its complete set of modules and strong features, SunFish Workplaze continues to prove itself as a leader in HR technology. For the visitors, too, the summit was a fantastic opportunity to continue learning about the advancements and best practice in the HR industry and to catch up with vendors to see their latest  tech innovations.

SunFish Workplaze Team at Indonesia HR Summit 2023
SunFish Workplaze Team at Indonesia HR Summit 2023

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