Humanica Malaysia @ the 1st HRiTech 2023 Conference in Selangor Malaysia

On February 15 and 16, 2023 Humanica Malaysia participated in the country’s first ever HRiTech Conference, which was organized by the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) in partnership with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and CBMTI Sdn Bhd, in order to help businesses transform their human resource practice by leveraging technology. The 2-day event, which took place at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, Selangor Malaysia with the title “Empowering HR Through Disruptive Innovations” catered to HR professionals and small to medium sized businessed, to help them identify innovative and cost-effective technological solutions to transform their HR.

Humanica Malaysia’s Booth

MIHRM president Mr. Simon Benjamin said in a statement that Malaysian businesses have generally been quick to embrace HR technological solutions, however, many were caught off guard, particularly by the sudden and unprecedented changes brought by Covid-19. He pointed out the especially small and medium-sized enterprises suddenly had to deal with constrained resources and access to information about HR technological solutions. He continued: “We hope our HRiTECH 2023 conference provided them with the ideal platform to transform their HR practices by leveraging on the latest technology to better support their businesses in these challenging times”. The event was attended by 300 participants from 200 companies, 35 exhibitors and 24 guest speakers. The majority of them are international HR leaders, C-suite leaders, Start-Up CEOs and entrepreneurs, HR Consultants, HR Tech Service Providers, vendors, and partners.

Visitors visited Humanica Malaysia’s Booth

The event was opened by speeches from MIHRM’s President Mr. Simon Benjamin and Human Resources Minister V. Sivakumar delivered on his behalf by Deputy Minister Mustapha Sakmud. “All sectors of the economy need to adopt digitalization and innovation in order to catalyze growth and achieve a competitive edge”, were one message of the opening remarks by the ministry. Before then continuing that the ministry is committed to supporting businesses in doing so through the implementation of appropriate employment legislation related to recruitment, wages and skills development, besides being focused to fulfil the nation’s human resource needs by ensuring labor demands are satisfactorily met. After that the guests were able to delve into topics such as improving human resources data management, automation of compensation and benefits processes, and the utilization of technology to better manage employees working remotely, and more with keynote speeches, 4 panel discussions and breakout sessions. Participants was also prepared by Q&A sessions, meals and beverages as well as a lucky draw accompanied the program.

Humanica Malaysia as an exhibitor

Humanica Malaysia supported the event as an exhibitor and HR Tech Solutions Provider. Our booth presented various interesting activities – starting with demos of our newly launched flagship product, Workplaze HR, and some give away merchandise including pens, keychains, and brochure. Visitors were especially excited about our photo competition with the chance of winning an Ipad as the grand prize for the best photo shoot.

Humanica Malaysia Team in front of the Booth with launched flagship product, Workplaze HR.

Workplaze HR received a lot of great feedback. Visitors were particularly impressed by its attractive look and feel and user friendly UI/UX as well as the Workplaze is an all-in-one solution that integrates all aspects of the employee lifecycle – from recruitment to retirement. Special interest was shown in the advance feature like recruitment and training.


Overall the HRiTech event was a great success for attendees and exhibitors alike. While the guests enjoyed in-depth educational and interesting HR sessions and discussions on automation and streamlining business and HR processes to overcome various business challenges, exhibitors could connect and network with many participants and showcase how modern and smart technology can support HR automation and innovation in their companies to make peoples’ lives easier.

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