Humanica at 2024 ESG Emerging List

Humanica Recognized for Commitment to Sustainability on the 2024 ESG Emerging List

Bangkok, Thailand – June 20, 2024 – Humanica, a leading HR business solutions and service provider, has been recognized for its commitment to sustainable business practices by being included in the prestigious 2024 ESG Emerging List.

“At Humanica, we are committed to integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into everything we do and are proud to have been acknowledged by the Thaipat Institute for our efforts ,” said Soontorn Dentham, CEO. “We believe that strong ESG practices are not only essential for social responsibility but also create long-term value for our stakeholders.”

The Thaipat Institute, established in 1999, is a renowned public benefit organization dedicated to promoting business sustainability and corporate social responsibility through research, training, and consulting. Since 2013, it has been a GRI Certified Training Partner, recognized by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The 2024 ESG Emerging List was meticulously compiled by Thaipat Institute’s ESG Rating unit, analyzing 920 companies, funds, and investment trusts, utilizing data from six sources and over 17,037 data points. Out of these, 19 securities, including Humanica, were recognized for their exceptional ESG contributions.

Humanica’s inclusion in the ESG Emerging List is a testament to its dedication to sustainability, community support, and exemplary governance, making it an attractive investment for ESG-conscious investors. The company places a strong emphasis on efficient and responsible resource use, internal human resource development, and stringent governance practices.

In today’s business environment, sustainable practices are essential not only for social responsibility but also for enhancing investor confidence. A global survey of ESG rating agencies revealed that over 600 entities are currently being assessed on environmental, social and governance criteria, highlighting the growing importance of this market.  ESG assessments offer several benefits to investors and stakeholders, including:

  • Evaluating ESG risks (83%), 
  • Reporting (79%),  
  • Considering sustainability impacts (77%),
  • Comparing operational performance (71%), 
  • Managing reputation risks (63%), and 
  • Identifying key issues for sustainability reporting (62%).

Investors interested in ESG-focused opportunities can explore the ESG Emerging securities through the Thaipat ESG Emerging Private Fund. This fund employs a passive strategy, balancing investments across large, medium, and small securities with quarterly adjustments to optimize returns.

Furthermore, the ESG100 securities selected for 2024 will guide adjustments to the Thaipat ESG Index, serving as a benchmark for investment returns and an ESG investment reference. The ESG100 securities list from 2015-2023 is accessible on the Thaipat ESG Rating website for investors and the public at no cost.For more information about Humanica’s sustainable initiatives and investment opportunities, please visit Humanica’s website.


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About Humanica
Humanica is a leading provider of human resource services and business software technology. The company is committed to sustainable business practices, efficient resource use, and strong governance. Humanica aims to support its community and stakeholders through responsible and innovative solutions.

About Thaipat Institute
Founded in 1999, the Thaipat Institute is dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility. It serves as a GRI Certified Training Partner and offers research, training, and consulting services to advance sustainability in businesses in Thailand.

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