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Incorporate one of the most effective goal-setting and leadership tools to build a dynamic and adaptive workforce, for the future of work.

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Leverage our OKR-based goal-setting framework to collaboratively create aligned goal plans for the company, teams and individuals to enact your business strategy.

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Workplaze Detail Objective Key Result
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OKR connects passion and purpose,
turning mission into action.
-John Doerr

Support your people and business with orientation, focus and action


OKRs give specific, measurable and time-bound objectives that provide clarity on what needs to be achieved, by whom and within what timeframe. This in turn enables everyone in the company to have a clear understanding of what their role is in achieving organizational goals.


OKRs align executives, managers, teams and individuals with corporate goals. Objectives are set up in a vertical structure in a network, creating a clear line top to bottom visible for everyone in the company. Knowing your targets, reasons and contributions makes it clear how every individual supports the top and relates to others.


OKRs give clear direction to teams and individuals thus helping everyone to focus on what is important. Since OKRs are usually set to a limited number of objectives, employees can prioritize their work and avoid distractions.


OKRs are designed to be flexible and adaptable. With short planning cycles between 3 to 6 months and frequent tracking of progress towards goals,  organizations can adjust their objectives as needed fairly quickly. This allows companies to react to changes to the market environment, customer behavior and other circumstances early on and moderate the impact on their business.


OKRs can serve as a motivator for everyone by providing a sense of purpose and meaning. By setting ambitious but achievable goals, employees are encouraged to strive for excellence and take pride in their work. And as we know, a sense of meaning and achievement greatly affects employee engagement and job satisfaction.


Setting OKRs is a collaborative and cross- functional effort as all departments and teams work together on goals. Through their discussions, they learn what goals are important in different areas and how their goals affect other teams in the company. This helps to make sure that everyone is on the same page and fosters cooperation towards common goals.

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