Payroll Management

World-class Payroll System, built for Asia

Manage complex payroll and tax compliance requirements with step by step assistance and complete process tracking in a 24/7 accessible self service payroll portal.  

Key Functionalities

While there is no way around tedious tasks like payroll, SunFish Workplaze tries to ease the pain. Not only does the system link data from payroll, attendance and benefits to streamline the processing and verification process, but it also embeds a step-by-step payroll task list that users only need to follow. Simply, click each task and submit the required data entries until the completion tracker says 100% and you can run your payment and bank transfer processes.

For Payroll Processing

Streamline payroll processing with flexible pay components and automated calculations and improve transparency while supporting complex compensation plans

Users can set up as many pay components as needed for allowances, deductions and neutral components. Workplaze’s flexible configuration options for default or formula based values, tax class, tax parameter and percentages, employee and period assignment, overtime inclusion, account journal links and many more accommodate even the most complex, user defined payroll scenarios.

Support payroll calculations using components with mixed currencies, gross/net tax methods, inter cost center allocations, multiple companies and split of payments to cash or many banks.

Use variables to automate pay for any component including minimum wages, grade based allowances or complex multidimensional variables to determine base calculation values.

Generate bank files for most banks in their native format for easy upload including checksum calculations, or use our included pay transfer service to auto process payroll lodgements to multiple banks including employee defined payment splitting.

User-friendly, guided steps to assist payroll admin with fulfillment of all critical payroll inputs for each payroll run.

Intuitive user-interface with a toggle button to indicate completeness of payroll component-steps.

User-friendly, guided steps to assist payroll admin with fulfillment of all critical payroll inputs for each payroll run.
Intuitive user-interface with a toggle button to indicate completeness of payroll component-steps.

Employee Self Service

24/7 accessible self-service payroll portal for employees to view any salary related information.

Employee Salary History:

My Payroll Info interface to access salary information, payroll data and digital pay slips. Workplaze ensures that employees can see their payslip data as soon as the payroll calculation is finished – either Online in Workplaze or via ePayslips on mobile phones. Password protected payslips are available in various file formats to accommodate different needs.

My detailed Payroll Info:

Employees can review the exact amount of salary they earn each month with a transparent list of all details related to allowances, deductions and other pay components (e.g. loan, reimbursement) so employees know exactly how their take-home-pay is calculated. This includes a summary of their attendance if it affects their pay. Additionally, employees can easily access their tax calculation forms and see the year-to-date contributions.

Statutory Compliance

Multi country compliant tax and compliance processing with automated reporting

Automatic calculation of taxes and contributions according to regulatory requirements in supported countries.  Country specific rules allow easy updating and software updates are released on regulation updates.

Auto generate monthly and annual tax reports including employee personal reports and support for employees in submitting their tax returns.  Providence fund and other regulatory reports are similarly generated including electronic submission in supported countries.

Employees can audit their tax deductions and other contributions with detailed explanation of the calculation explained in the software.  Tax calculators are also provided to provide advanced information on what calculations will be.

Tax from previous employers can be imported to ensure accurate tax calculations and tax costs can be transferred as employees move between group companies

Payroll Reporting & Analytics

Provide the right data to people who need it and in the format they want to ensure rapid and informed decision making

Employee Salary History:

Analyze payroll cost by cost center.

Generate up to 10 payroll & tax compliance reports.

Analyze & compare the current payroll data with previous month

Comprehensive Reporting:

SunFish Workplaze includes hundreds of standard reports that can include multiple filter options, be generated to PDF, spreadsheets, sent by email or scheduled for regular automatic distribution.
Quick Reports:

Non technical users can easily generate reports by selecting the data they want and filter options, including saving those reports for repeated use.
Report Writer:

Create custom tabular and graphical reports or even custom data marts with drillable analytics.  Included tools for technical users allow additions to be created with minimal effort while ensuring compliance to security and privacy restrictions defined in the system.

Multiple Ways to Analyze Payroll Results:

Analytics are supported by a flexible dashboard that provides multiple data types in summary, standard reports, personalized dashboards, information feeds and AI based reminders to ensure relevant data reaches all levels of decision makers.

Salary Increment Planning

Clearly relate salary increments to transparent, equitable calculations while ensuring that rewards are allocated for achievement.

Define and track compensation ratios with job grades and set minimum-middle-maximum pay for each job grade to assess if an employee is over or underpaid.  Map job grade pay to consolidated performance scores to produce increment recommendations.

Comprehensive analysis of an employee’s compensation history.
Indicates an employees’ salary position in the pay scale based on their job grade.

Use evaluations to combine and weigh multiple aspects including skill-achievement balance.  Use score normalization to calibrate scoring for configurable groups to produce final scores to generate increments.

Based on the job grade, the system calculates increment recommendations by evaluating the current salary & performance (e.g. Low paid top-performers receive higher increments)

Allow multiple steps of review and adjustments while ensuring pay increase complies with organization unit salary targets though to ultimate approval and assignment of new salaries to each employee



OUR VALUE PROPOSITION if you are not interested in in-house payroll processing

  • Full-suite HCM solution that can be customized for Grab’s requirements
  • Mobile-friendly and multi-language interface
  • Robust APIs for easy integrations with other HCM solutions including Workday
  • Local Payroll Experts in over 18 countries globally, and growing
  • Over 20 years of payroll experience serving over 5000 customers across 35 countries
  • Global Project Management Office managed from Singapore

Our Expertise

Fully managed payroll outsourcing solutions that match your business needs on the back of our award winning HR system and dedicated professionals

You will be assisted from the very beginning by our experts, regularly coordinating with your payroll contact points.

Simplify the complex payroll process
with SunFish Workplaze’s efficient functionalities.
Rest assured that all payroll transactions
are quick, accurate, and secure.

Manage tax calculations and deductions, and coordinate directly with the IRS. Our services also include preparing tax certificates for deductions and withholding Tax.

Maximize convenience with a modern HR system suitable for any type of organization, from an ESS-enabled software to a fully-featured HRMS. Configure everything according to your needs.

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