Concentrate on what your company does best. We do the same.

Our full spectrum HR-as-a-Service does not only cover HCM implementations but also extends to people strategy advisory, shared service operations, best practice HR operation, and more to help our customers organize and optimize their people operations.

If you are weary of the complexity and workload of internally processing payroll why not Outsource your payroll to our team of experts.

Why Outsource?

  • Help employees manage their finances
  • Reduce stress from BNPL and high interest loans
  • Process benefits claims faster
  • Provide better fit insurance options
  • Easy access to expenses and efficient request and processing flow
  • Balance and usage summaries for transparency
  • World-class HRIS System that is compliant with international standards
  • Industry leaders in HR and Payroll Processing
  • Certified by international Standards
  • Serving The Most Complex Requirements
  • Offer Flexible Benefits programs

End-to-End HR & payroll outsourcing services with modern HCM integration

With over 20 years of human resource management and payroll experience, we specialize in modern and professional payroll services that match your business needs on the back of our award winning Workplaze HR system and dedicated professionals.

Get the best of both worlds: increase convenience and ensure accuracy by outsourcing your payroll, and improve employee engagement by taking advantage of our comprehensive world-class software.

Why Outsource with HUMANICA?

Industry Leading
Payroll Process

We have spent years perfecting our leading practies in HR Solutions, and today are known for our accurate, timely, and professional Payroll Service.

Statutory Compliance

Humanica is a leader in HR management and payroll preparation in Thailand, with in-depth knowledge and expertise in local laws and compliance.

Serving the Most
Complex Requirement

Our team of specialists are known for providing professional and quality Payroll service.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Improve the employee experience with fast and easy mobile transactions, reducing the HR Workload and icreasing employee engagement.

With ESS technology, we help clients digitalize their processes to achieve HR Digital Transformation

Internationally Certified Standards

Humanica gives the highest priority to the security of our client’s data.

Our high standards are rigorously enforced, and Humanica is ISO 27001 certified in Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).

World-Class HRMS System

Processing Payroll on Humatrix HRMS is simply just the beginning

Explore HUmatrix further to discover how our world-class system completely outperforms local offerings, and is on par with global platforms.

What organizations receive when using Humanica’s Services

  • You will be assisted from the very beginning by our experts, regularly coordinating with your payroll contact points.
  • Simplify the complex payroll process with Humatrix’s highly efficient ESS capabilities. Rest assured that all payroll transactions are quick, accurate, and secure.
  • Manage tax calculations and deductions, and coordinate directly with the IRS. Our services also include preparing tax certificates for deductions and withholding Tax
  • Maximize convenience with a modern HR system suitable for any type of organization, from an ESS-enabled software to a fully-featured HRMS. Configure everything according to your needs.

Serviced by HUMANICA’s Team of Payroll Specialists

Our team of specialists are ready to support you throughout the transition towards outsourcing your payroll process. Our Payroll software is also able to process, save, and store data accurately and in compliance with international standards of information security, to ensure your payroll data is processed as securely as possible.

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