SAP Business One: The Solution for Any Business Development

Implemented by Humanica

The World’s Best Enterprise Resource Planning System for SMEs

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    HUMANICA is the longest standing SAP Gold Partner in Thailand, with over 30 years of implementation experience. We are known for our world-class ERP implementation standards and best practices, and guaranteed by the SAP Business One Partner of the Year Award in 2020.

    A Comprehensive
    ERP System Designed
    for Seamless Operations

    With the versatility of SAP Business One, the world-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is capable of managing all kinds of tasks, from accounting, to production and distribution, to sales.

    SAP Business One is the ultimate one-stop solution for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) looking to invest in an ERP system.








    One-stop Solution

    A single application to manage all functions, including finance & accounting, sales, purchasing, production, warehouse control, and human resource management.

    Powerful Storage Systems

    Critical business data will be securely stored in the SAP Business One system, saving you time and resources on data storage and management.

    Adaptable to Businesses of All Sizes

    SAP Business One is a flexible software that can be adapted to serve all business needs with limitless users and data storage

    Better Decision Making

    Analyze your entire operations through a dashboard that provides comprehensive, accurate, and timely information to help you make informed business decisions.

    Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

    SAP Business One helps eliminate complicated operations and streamline processes, giving your business an advantage by saving time and increasing profits.

    Better Control Of Your Business

    Manage and control your business processes with real-time updates & notifications on a consolidated platform. You will never miss key business activities again.

    Highly Effective ERP System, Suitable for All Businesses





    Food Beverage

    Banking & Finance




    Real Estate

    Mockup-ERP-SAP Business Solution on HANA Cloud Database

    SAP Business One
    On HANA Cloud Database

    A Cloud Database, powered by In-Memory Computing technology that supports all core business functions and big data backups for your relevant business process and expansion.

    Take No Risks
    Implement SAP Business One with Humanica

    With over 30 years of experience in ERP implementation, Humanica can provide consultation on the best-suited solutions to meet your needs. Our ERP expertise has led to a proven track record of over 300 successful ERP implementations.

    Humanica provides you with a one-stop service for ERP implementation services. Our add-on solutions have been designed by experienced ERP specialists, developed to serve the core business functions seamlessly.

    Humanica is certified as an SAP Gold Partner, guaranteeed with the SAP Partner of the Year award in 2020, ensuring our expertise in ERP system implementation.

    Our team of specialists will work as your business partner to support and guide you through the ERP journey, from solutions design to going-live. We are committed to helping your business grow sustainably.

    Maximize your business potential
    with Humanica’s tailored add on solutions

    Implement with Humanica and pick from our list of add on modules to help maximize the effectiveness of SAP Business One. Designed by our in-house developers, these add on solutions will help SAP Business One work more powerfully and effectively by localizing its system capabilities.

    Localized Taxation Module

    • VAT due and VAT undue
    • VAT Average
    • Automatically reverse VAT undue to VAT due
    • Input and Output VAT Reports
    • Submit PP30 via e-revenue
    • Support e-Tax invoice
    • Submit PND 3 and PND 53 via e-revenue
    • Withholding Tax report

    Billing System Module

    • Issue billing document by detail & non-detail
    • Cancel some or all invoices in billing document
    • Support multi-currency in billing document
    • Manage check appointment date and keep check appointment history
    • Support use of credit notes for billing
    • Set document series by branch
    • Billing list & Receipt list reports

    GL Consolidation Module

    • Map data between parent and Childs companie for consolidation
    • Allow your organization to define the level of detail to consolidate GL Account balance
    • Help to merge / consolidate GL Account and transaction between parent & Child company
    • Consolidation Financial report

    Bank Transfer Module

    • Map the data with bank format’s files
    • Support Payment transactions interface for Electronic Banking
    • Conduct banking transactions conveniently from a scheduled transfer

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      Privacy Notice: I have read and consented to the Privacy Policy, and agreed to be contacted by the company to offer products and services.

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