Tunas BMW Drives Operational Excellence with SunFish Workplaze

The Customer
Tunas BMW, a distinguished member of the Tunas Ridean Group, is a certified national
distributor of BMW Indonesia. Since its appointment as an authorized dealer by
BMW Indonesia in 2002, Tunas BMW has consistently delivered outstanding Sales and
After-sales services. Their commitment to international standards underscores their
dedication to prioritizing customer satisfaction.
Car Dealer and Distributor, Service, Spare parts, Car Accessories, Car Insurances


Year Established

5 branches in total – 3 in Jakarta, 1 in Bekasi, and 1 in Bandung.

Project Goal
Streamlining administrative processes across multiple branch locations for
enhanced operational efficiency.
Key Achievements
Streamlined task administrationAccelerated data collectionEnhanced precision in data processingReal-time visibility into requests

In the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry, Tunas BMW stands out not only as Indonesia’s first authorized BMW dealer but as an innovative force. A subsidiary of the esteemed automotive conglomerate, PT Tunas Ridean, established in 1984, Tunas BMW is part of a larger family that includes Tunas Toyota, Tunas Daihatsu, and various other business units.

Securing its position as an authorized dealer for BMW Indonesia in 2002, Tunas BMW opened its first branch in Jakarta. Over the years, their commitment to operational excellence has set them apart in the market. Beyond offering luxurious vehicles, Tunas BMW provides an integrated experience encompassing purchasing, services, maintenance, and sales, aiming to deliver a distinctive BMW ownership journey.

Expanding beyond Jakarta, Tunas BMW now boasts five branches, including locations in Bekasi and Bandung. Tunas BMW’s innovative spirit lies in their commitment to not merely selling cars but to set new standards for customer engagement and satisfaction. That is what they did in 2023 with the unveiling of their new showroom concept, Retail Next,  which elevated the BMW ownership experience to the next level. Retail Next goes beyond the conventional showroom, featuring electric charging stations, a coffee bar, and retailing BMW Original Lifestyle merchandise— redefining what it means to be a BMW owner.

Advancing beyond manual HR procedures

With a dedicated workforce surpassing 200 employees, Tunas BMW is committed to delivering exceptional automotive experiences for discerning customers. However, managing operations across multiple branches posed significant challenges, especially in the administrative domain.

Tunas BMW faced with a spectrum of administrative challenges common in dispersed workforces:

  • Manual reporting systems: The reliance on manual reporting systems was a primary hurdle  for Tunas BMW. This labor-intensive process consumed valuable time and resources and introduced the risk of errors and inaccuracies in data collection and reporting.
  • Excessive paperwork: The burden of excessive paperwork further exacerbated operational challenges. Traditional paper-based documentation slowed down processes, required extensive physical storage space, and surfaced environmental concerns.
  • Manual approval processes: Tunas BMW grappled with the inefficiencies and time-consuming nature of the manual approval processes. It impacted their overall workflow effectiveness and hindered their agility – both of which are a must in the competitive  business environment car dealers operate.
  • Non-real-time approvals: Another critical challenge was the reliance on non-real-time approvals. Delays in obtaining necessary approvals hampered the organization’s ability to respond to evolving situations, impacting customer service and overall operational responsiveness.

“Before using an HR system, it was all totally manual reports. Papers were everywhere and it was difficult to organize. The system of our approvals was also not digital and real time yet”, remembers Anggraeni Putri, People & Culture Business of BMW Tunas of the time before SunFish.

These challenges collectively impeded overall efficiency, highlighting the necessity for a transformative solution to streamline administrative processes and enhance the ability to provide prompt and precise services to their valued clientele.

Empowering Operational Excellence with SunFish Workplaze

As part of BMW Tunas’ mission to ‘develop effectiveness and efficiency in every aspect of company operation,’ they strategically embraced SunFish Workplaze—a unified platform that fundamentally transformed their administrative landscape in perfect alignment with their commitment to operational excellence. The comprehensive nature of the platform played a pivotal role in reshaping their administrative operations.

With SunFish Workplaze, Tunas BMW achieved significant milestones:

  • Streamlined task administration
    SunFish Workplaze facilitated a significant enhancement in Tunas BMW’s task administration, simplifying and optimizing processes for greater efficiency. Tasks were seamlessly organized, assigned, and tracked, reducing redundancy and ensuring a streamlined workflow.
  • Accelerated data collection
    The adoption of SunFish Workplaze expedited data collection processes for Tunas BMW. Automation and efficient data capture mechanisms resulted in a quicker and more accurate gathering of information, enabling the company to make informed decisions promptly.
  • Enhanced precision in data processing
    SunFish Workplaze achieved a remarkable improvement in the precision of data processing for Tunas BMW. Automated algorithms and standardized workflows minimized errors, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of processed data.
  • Real-time visibility into requests
    SunFish Workplaze provided Tunas BMW with real-time visibility into requests, offering instantaneous insights into various aspects of their operations. This real-time monitoring capability empowered the organization to respond promptly to requests, contributing to heightened operational responsiveness.

These invaluable benefits seamlessly integrate into one comprehensive platform, providing a unified solution that addresses their diverse administrative needs.

Tunas BMW HR

Tunas BMW’s experience with SunFish Workplaze is a testament to the transformative power of a unified platform. The ease of automated HR processes has not only alleviated their administrative burdens but has also positioned them for future growth and success. Mrs. Putri concludes, “Overall, we are very happy and satisfied with our SunFish HR system.”

Inspiration & Reflection

Tunas BMW’s journey towards operational excellence, powered by SunFish, stands as a compelling example of success, showcasing the transformative power of a unified HR platform. As your organization charts its course for the future, take a moment to reflect on your internal processes. Consider the profound possibilities that an advanced HR system holds. The road to operational excellence awaits – is your organization ready to seize the opportunity?

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