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Tunas Daihatsu Revs Up Growth with SunFish Workplaze

The Customer
Since 1970, Tunas Daihatsu has been a trusted name in Indonesia. They’re more than just an authorized dealer; they offer exceptional service and customer satisfaction at every step, from browsing showrooms to after-sales care.
Project Goal
– Improved employee career development 
– Accurate attendance tracking
– Automated and paperless recruitment process

Key Achievements
– Empowered HR with a comprehensive employee  lifecycle management system
– Streamlined recruitment through a digital job portal
– Simplified offer letter delivery for new recruits
– Reliable and efficient tracking of attendance and related data 
– Increased employee satisfaction
Car Dealer and Distributor, Service, Spare parts


Year Established

21 branches all over Indonesia

Tunas Daihatsu, a division of the publicly-listed automotive conglomerate Tunas Group, was established in 1970 as an authorized Daihatsu car dealer. The company operates under the broader Tunas umbrella, which includes Tunas Toyota, Tunas Honda, Tunas BMW, Tunas Financing and various other business units. Starting out in Jakarta, Tunas Daihatsu began expanding its operation in 1980 by securing dealership rights for Sumatera. Over the past three decades, it has grown into a well-known, popular automotive dealership with an expansive network of 21 branches and a workforce of 1265 employees nationwide.

What distinguishes Tunas Daihatsu is its comprehensive approach to customer satisfaction, offering not just cars but a complete ownership experience. They prioritize exceptional after-sales service and genuine spare parts to ensure that Daihatsu car owners receive top-notch vehicles maintained in prime and optimal condition. By adhering to rigorous quality control measures, utilizing premium materials and implementing high-standard work processes, Tunas Daihatsu delivers quality and reliability to its customers.

Tunas Ridean Group is renowned for their outstanding customer service and satisfaction and Tunas Daihatsu shares this commitment. Their dedicated team strives to always achieve “The Best Customer Satisfaction” across diverse consumer groups in Indonesia through continuous innovations, competitive pricing strategies and a steadfast focus on delivering high-quality products and services.

Facing Growing Pains 

As Tunas Daihatsu expanded its network across Indonesia, maintaining high standards and meeting the expectations of both existing and new customers presented significant challenges for the team. Their company encountered several hurdles due to its growing workforce and widespread geographic reach:

  • Inefficient Career Management: Tracking employee work periods, transitions and contracts from entry to resignation became increasingly complex without automated notifications that alerted to expiring contracts or promotion needs. Delays in timely addressing employees development requirements risked dissatisfaction, which negatively impacts staff morale and productivity.
  • Paper-Based Recruitment: The People & Culture team at Tunas Daihatsu relied on manual processes and paperwork for recruitment. This time-consuming method slowed down the hiring process and hindered the efficient management of applicant data efficiently, impacting their time-to-hire and best talent acquisition efforts.
  • Outdated Attendance System: Relying on a fingerprint-based attendance system, while functional, lacked accuracy and mobility. This made it difficult to ensure reliable attendance tracking, a critical aspect of effective workforce management.

“Before using an HR System, all processes were still done manually. One of the issues we had was with career transitions. Not getting notifications when contracts expire made controlling the career transition process from work entry to resignation difficult”, remembered Okti Puji Anisa, from People Culture & General Affair Business Partner Tunas Daihatsu.

SunFish Workplaze: Empowering Tunas Daihatsu’s Growing HR Needs

In response to these challenges, Tunas Daihatsu took proactive steps to modernize its internal operations by adopting a digital solution, aligned with their vision of best-practice people management. They found their perfect fit in SunFish Workplaze – a comprehensive HR platform tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses. Implementing SunFish Workplaze supported the transformation of their administrative processes, leading to enhanced service delivery for employees: 

Here are just a few of the key improvements they achieved:

  • Automated Work Period Notifications: Timely alerts ensure smooth career transitions and contract renewals, fostering a more engaged and motivated workforce.
  • User-Friendly Online Job Portal: Streamlined data input for both applicants and recruiters expedited the recruitment process, enabling the People & Culture team to identify and attract top talents more efficiently.
  • Faster Offer Letter Distribution: Automated systems accelerate the offer delivery, reducing the time-to-hire and providing a more positive onboarding experience for new recruits.
  • State-of-the-Art Attendance Capabilities: Accurate data tracking and mobile accessibility ensure reliable attendance monitoring, simplifying payroll calculations and processing while promoting a culture of accountability.
Tunas Ridean People & Culture

SunFish Workplaze provides Tunas Daihatsu with a centralized platform for all employee management needs facilitating streamlined data collection, reporting, and review processes. This empowers the organization to make data-driven, informed decisions and continuously optimize their HR practices. As Tunas Daihatsu continues its journey of growth and innovation, SunFish Workplaze remains a cornerstone of their success, ensuring a future defined by a happy, engaged, and well-managed workforce.


As Tunas Daihatsu continues to thrive with SunFish Workplaze, it showcases the transformative power of modern HR solutions. Centralizing employee management and leveraging advanced automation play a vital role in unlocking new levels of efficiency, engagement and shaping the future of organizations. 

Just as SunFish Workplaze supported Tunas Daihatsu, it can also benefit your company with a streamlined HR operation, enhanced decision making with actionable insight, and improved productivity and collaboration.  

Connect with us today to explore how our easy-to-use HR platform can simplify your tasks and take your business forward!

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