Tunas Toyota HR Transformation Journey

Tunas Toyota Shifts Gear to Growth with a Streamlined HR System

Since its appointment as authorized Toyota car dealer 5 decades ago, Tunas Toyota has been a dominant player in the Indonesian automotive industry. The company offers a comprehensive range of Toyota cars, auto parts, maintenance, sales and after sales services. Their steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of their success and has won them many awards as Best Car Dealer in the categories of Sales, After Sales Services and Customer Satisfaction since 2012. 

Today, Tunas Toyota’s growth story is nothing but remarkable: a leading 33% market share in Indonesia, selling more than 27,000 vehicles annually, managing 24 authorized dealers, 2 showrooms, 2 workshops and 20 service centers and employing a workforce of over 1400 dedicated people a across Jakarta, Bekasi, Banten, Bandung, Bogor and Lampung.

Growing Pains

Inevitably, Tunas Toyota’s impressive growth met some obstacles along the way – most noticeable in the HR operation. Managing administration and paperwork for 1400 employees across multiple branches and locations is not an easy feat. To keep pace, several separate HR systems were introduced to manage individual aspects of the employee lifecycle, leading to a disparate system landscape that still required a substantial amount of manual work and time to collect coherent data. 

Ultimately, their attempts at digitalization, didn’t bring the HR team the HR operation efficiency they set out to achieve. Their pain points included:

  • Scattered data: Managing employee requests across different systems was cumbersome, making it difficult to get a holistic view of the workforce needs and track request statuses.
  • Data inconsistencies: Maintaining data in different systems made it challenging to get a unified view into the workforce, get accurate reports or make data-driven decisions.
  • Time-consuming processes: Managing tasks like data entry, transfer between systems and requests and approvals manually are time-consuming, which slowed down HR operations and reduced overall productivity.
  • Limited scalability: The existing systems weren’t designed to efficiently support the needs of a continuously expanding workforce in many different locations.

Rizqi, People & Culture Manager at Tunas Toyota remembers that period of their HR Management as: “The challenge we faced before using SunFish was having separate systems for various requests and many HR processes being done manually, leading to ineffective and inefficient HR operations.

Considering HR as an essential component in maintaining the company’s competitive excellence, the Tunas Toyota team knew they had to pivot in order to properly support the overall “TUNAS” business strategy.’

The Solution: SunFish Workplaze Unifies and Streamlines HR

To improve their HR competence, data accuracy and to overcome their challenges for better support and empowerment of their growing workforce, Tunas Toyota implemented DataOn’s SunFish Workplaze, a comprehensive HRIS (Human Resource Information System). This transformation brought about significant changes, including:

  1. Unified Platform: SunFish Workplaze replaced separate systems with a single, integrated platform. This streamlined data access and workflows for both HR personnel and employees.
    • Improved data visibility: All HR data is now centralized in one location, providing a clear and comprehensive view of the workforce
    • Streamlined workflows: Employees can now access all HR functions like leave requests, reimbursements, and payslips through a single platform, saving them time and reducing chances of errors.
  2. Automated Processes: SunFish Workplaze automates repetitive tasks, freeing up HR staff for more strategic initiatives.
    • No more manual workload: Tasks like time and attendance tracking, reimbursements, and the initial stages of recruitment are now automated.
    • Improved HR efficiency: Automating these tasks allows HR staff to focus on more strategic initiatives like employee development and talent management.
  1. Enhanced Functionality: SunFish Workplaze added comprehensive functions to further empower employees and improve the talent acquisition.
    • Career development: Dedicated modules within the HRIS facilitate employee development initiatives and career planning.
    • Improved recruitment: Streamlined workflows for recruitment make attracting and hiring top talent easier and faster.

The Results: A More Efficient and Empowered HR Team

Consolidating and digitizing their entire HR operation in a single, central platform fundamentally reshaped Tunas Toyota’s people management allowing them to pay close attention to the professionalism and productivity of their workforce as well as driving employee loyalty every year. The most benefits Tunas Toyota derives from:

  • Increased operational efficiency: Streamlined workflows and automated processes have significantly improved HR efficiency.
  • Improved employee satisfaction: Faster access to HR functions and a centralized platform for managing personal information enhances employee experience.
  • Empowered HR team:  By automating repetitive tasks, HR staff can dedicate more time to strategic initiatives that support organizational growth.

“SunFish Workplaze has helped increase the effectiveness in many aspects of the Tunas Toyota HR processes. Our People & Culture team continuously collaborates and moves forward to maximize the use of the system”, Rizqi, People & Culture Manager at Tunas Toyota satisfactorily summarizes the positive impact the HR digitization made. 

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