Financial Management

An effective cash management solution is crucial for any organization to aid them in their tasks of understanding cash allocation, whether bank accounts have sufficient funds to meet payment obligations, to estimate cash requirements, to optimize spending, to project cash flow, to react to currency rate fluctuations by assessing potential risks to longer term cash flow levels and then devise their investment and financing strategies accordingly.


With SunFish ERP’s Finance Module users have direct access to cash positions and expected cash flows by processing and analyzing all monetary transaction arising out of supplier invoice payments, customer payment receipts, expense spending, credit and deposit management, fund transfers, AR/AP write offs, etc. That enables them to balance a multitude of important information to keep in- and outflows reliable and consistent, to ensure liquidity and optimal use of cash resources. Integrated with the GL, AP and AR it centralizes and streamlines all cash management functions such as updating bank balances, bank reconciliation, day-today cash requirements, and financial reporting.