A company’s inventory represents a large portion of its investment and mismanaged inventories can create significant financial harm for a business whether that stems from the money it costs to store excess inventory or the loss of business due to shortages.

Linking modules Inventory, Sales and Purchase, SunFish ERP provides companies with the tools necessary for a successful inventory management. It allows them to keep track of existing inventory and its use, and to create replenishment plans that ensure item availability when needed. Instant access, and comparisons of data including current item levels, incoming, outgoing, in transit, promised items, as well as safety stock and maximum stock requirements, slow and aging vs. fast moving inventory, lead time, inventory turnover ratio, and costs in one page empowers managers to determine the economic order quantity.

Extensive reports, analysis tools, and alerts keep track of performance issues and identify slow-moving items, bottlenecks, and other inefficiencies so that appropriate actions can be taken and optimal space and resource usage can be achieved.

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