PT. Adaro Indonesia consolidates personnel administration with SunFish HR


December 2008, Jakarta ” DataOn announces that PT. Adaro Indonesia (Adaro) has selected SunFish HR Enterprise to centralize its HR management structures and to promote same HR operating standards within the companys multiple locations.


Adaro operates under a Coal Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Indonesia which gives it the right to mine coal within its Agreement Area in the Tanjung district of South Kalimantan Province until the year 2022 with Rights to extend by mutual agreement are available. Production commenced in 1991 and has increased steadily since that time with sales to both export and domestic markets reaching 36 million tons in 2007 making Adaro Indonesias largest coal producer from a single mine.


The implementation of SunFish HR will provide Adaro with a standard and web-enabled platform that integrates and units all the companys locations, including very remote ones in Kalimantan, in one single system and thus allows Adaro to centralize its employee information management and consolidate its HR operation in Indonesia. It will automate core HR functions such as data collection, attendance tracking, payroll and tax processing as well as reporting and analyzing duties for 2000 employees. Modern and extensive analyzing tools can be utilized to delve deep into HR related data for all offices to allow detailed reports, support decision-making and provide a new level of information quality. Thus, the system enables the companys HR department to prepare for its next step of taking on a more strategic HR role.