Mandom Indonesia

PT. Mandom Indonesia Tbk. to replace stand-alone HRM solutions with SunFish HR


May 2006, Jakarta ” PT. Mandom Indonesia Tbk. (Mandom) is implementing the Enterprise Version of SunFish HR in order to exchange its several stand-alone HR solutions with a complete system on one, single platform. Although having different solutions for managing different HR aspects, the company was aware that operating separate HR solutions is not the most efficient and cost-effective way to support its personnel management structure.


Originally established in 1969 as joint venture between Japan-based Mandom Corporation and an Indonesian partner, PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk. has come a long way to become one of the most competitive supply stations of mass-products to Asian countries. The company manufactures hair care and grooming products, skin-care products, make-up items, fragrances, etc with local brands of TANCHO, MANDOM, GATSBY, PUCELLE, LOVILLEA, JOHNNY ANDREAN, etc. and some additional brands for export.


While working to create a dynamic and progressive organization that encourages all employees to utilize their full potential it was decided the company needs a complete solution consolidating administrative and strategic HR tasks to fully automate, standardize, simplify and thus accelerate their HR processes. With shortening business critical procedures and decreasing the average time of administrative duties, the HR department can more broadly focus on strategic employee development and their alignment with Mandoms future growth goals.


After a complete review of a variety of vendors, Mandom decided for Sunfish HR because it best met the companys requirements and has proven a successful HR solution for both Indonesian and Japanese companies. Among the benefits of SunFish HR are:


  • The most complete solution among Indonesian products
  • A fully integrated and comprehensive solution
  • Flexible solution to accommodate future modifications
  • Local Support
  • Competitive Price
  • Implementation experience and
  • Experience in working with Japanese companies.


Once implemented SunFish HR will provide a single, standard platform that covers payroll management, employee information, approval processing, organizational structure management, personnel career and development as well as training and recruitment management. The automated system will eliminate redundancies and cut Mandoms human capital related operating costs without sacrificing their company specific characteristics and flexibility.


Moreover, access to many different types of analysis and reporting functions will support operative and strategic decision-making and provide a new level of data transparency and information quality. Mandoms management group will always posses the latest required information of the human resource situation at different locations while the human resource department is freed to target the strategic goals of the company.