In the past, purchasing has been – more or less – considered a necessary task but has never drawn much attention from senior management as an integral and strategically relevant part of corporate performance. Led by the Technology and Automotive industry this perception is changing and these days, purchasing is increasingly acknowledged for the impact it has on engineering, quality management, sales, and therefore, the important role it plays in the success of a company.


SunFish’s Purchase and Accounts Receivable Module integrates the entire purchasing and receiving process from automatic order generation to paying vendor invoices. Using the power of automation, it not only helps employees to save time in achieving daily tasks such as validating item statuses, generating orders, updating quantities/ dates, vendor information & performance, but also avoids costly mistakes due to reduced double data entries and greater transparency.

Extensive drill-downs and drill-around capabilities not only allow tracking transactions step by step back to their origins to resolve problems but also provides users with fast, easily accessible business insights into purchasing information on any level.