SunFish Accounting

Empowering your business processes through effective collaboration.

Empowering Your Business Processes
with SunFish Accounting


SunFish Accounting can help to increase accuracy by eleminating or reducing human error made in financial transactions.

Cost Saving

Reduce overhead by having a computerized accounting system.

Multi Currency

Issues associated with exchange rate are eliminated.

Real Time Monitoring

Get the report in real-time decisions as well as short, mid, and long term strategic goals.

Do You Often Encounter These Problems?

Error Recording and Reconciliation (matching) Reports

The most common mistake made by company owners is that the company does not record financial reports regularly. Not infrequently in recording financial statements are also not based on company conditions.

Mathematical Error In Counting

It is possibility that experienced accountants can make mistakes in mathematical calculations. If this happens for many times, it can eventually lead to more complicated problems in the company’s accounting settlement.

Disarrayed Storage and Reporting of Financial Data

This simple habit can be a very big problem, even though the receipt can be a valid key or verification if there are errors in the financial statements.

Resolve All Your Struggles With SunFish Accounting

SunFish Accounting is fully web based and integrated, giving you access to real-time reports to make better decisions and business process across the company. SunFish Accounting uses the power of the internet to move goods, information, and money quickly and securely, ensuring the delivery of the right products, to the right location at the right time, and at the right cost.

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