Sunfish HR SAAS

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SunFish HR – The complete HRIS solution to optimize your Human Resource Management


The only competitive advantage many organizations have is the ability to improve the performance of their people at all levels as technologies become ubiquitous and markets more efficient. Therefore, HR management has to take on a whole new meaning through enlightened and effective people management that permits more creativity and productivity. A good HRIS strategy wins half the battle! Underpinning existing fundamental HR structures with technology combines new conceptual best practice with workflow automation and standarization removes the first obstacle to transitioning the human resource management to a strategic focus.


DataOn’s integrated HRIS solution – SunFish HR – provides the advantage the company needs to stay ahead of the competition. It is the key component of any organizations development of long-term HR strategies and daily execution of Human Resource activities.

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SunFish HR is a comprehensive HR Management Software that allows companies to gain competitive advantage by improving the quality of the people and the efficiency of business processes. Administrative HR functions (Payroll, Loan, Time, Reimbursement, Organization, and Career) and strategic management tools (Training, Recruitment, Performance, Talent Management and HR Planning) are integrated to provide a holistic approach to developing talent.


Developed with a focus on cloud computing, SunFish HR is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription or an On Premise purchased application. The solution includes flexible workflow management support and uses data warehousing as foundation for its comprehensive analytical functions.


Being used by more than 600 companies in Indonesia and having been implemented in 35 other countries around the world, SunFish HR has developed a strong reputation as stable, far-reaching, and affordable business application.


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